Welcome To Trinity Presbyterian preschool

Our Mission

The mission of Trinity Presbyterian Preschool is to provide a faith-based education in a safe, family-like environment. By encouraging curiosity, exploration, and learning we seek to nurture each child’s head, hands, and heart. We work cooperatively with parents to understand the uniqueness of each child, and provide a structured environment adapted to the needs of the individual.

The Vision of Trinity Presbyterian Preschool is to provide an education based in faith that will foster the development of the whole child. We strive to be an intentional and compassionate place where children grow emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually, where families feel welcomed and supported, and where we work together to make God’s love visible.

Our Vision

Our Purpose

Learn Creatively

as we believe meaningful learning is cultivated through play and creativity.

Welcome Intentionally

as we provide a familial based environment encouraging authentic relationships with children and families.

Care Compassionately

as we strive to support and nurture the emotional growth of each child.

Gather Joyfully

as we foster and facilitate social relationships among children based in joy and love.

Grow Purposefully

as we attend specifically to developmental needs of children nurturing growth in appropriate and meaningful ways.