About Us

Trinity Presbyterian Preschool provides faith-based early childhood education for children aged one years old to Pre-K. Our program focuses on the cognitive, social, physical, spiritual, and emotional development of the whole child. In a nurturing, safe, and encouraging environment, children enjoy play, friendships, and hands-on learning experiences. The developmentally-appropriate and stimulating setting allows for skills of self-confidence, creativity, communication and critical thinking to be explored with loving teachers whose goal is to create life-long learners. Trinity Presbyterian Preschool is accredited by Cognia (formally AdvancED).

Our Staff

Erin Carey

Executive Director

Laura Ann Stanford

Director of Curriculum and Finance

Katie Tracy

Director of Enrichment

Kim Branch

Administrative Assistant

Lily Jacoby

Literacy Specialist

Becky McGilvray

Toddlers Monkeys

Carrie Herold

Toddlers Monkeys

Jennifer Gilchrist

Twos Pandas

Brenda Gilder

Twos Pandas

Melissa McFaddin

Threes Elephants

Carolyn Redmond

Threes Elephants

Helen Patterson

Pre K Lions

Brandi Brown

Pre K Giraffes

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